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The Truth About Why You Are Not Losing Weight

May 30, 2016

Are you stuck in a weight loss rut, unable to make any meaningful progress? Frustrating isn’t it! Chances are, if your weight loss has stalled you are guilty of making one, some or all of the following mistakes and once you acknowledge where you are going wrong, you’ll soon be able to kick-start your weight loss progress.

You are not keeping an accurate food diary

Losing weight requires a calorie deficit or, in other words, you need to eat less food than your body needs so that it will make up the energy shortfall by burning fat. The only effective way to do this is to write down everything you eat so you can keep track of your intakes and make sure they do not exceed your energy expenditure. Writing down what you eat also keeps you honest.

You are having too many rewards or treats

Just because you’ve been to the gym or had salad for lunch doesn’t mean you can have a donut or a slice of pizza as a reward. Yep – you’ve done well with the gym and salad but you’ll undo all of your good work by rewarding yourself with energy-dense junk foods.

Treats are great and can certainly play a part in a well-designed weight loss program but too many treats will kill your progress stone cold dead so go easy on the rewards.

You are doing too much easy cardio

Easy cardio is a popular form of exercise for weight control but it’s pretty clear when you look around the gym and see how many overweight people are doing it that it’s just not very effective for fat loss.

Low intensity cardio does indeed put you in the so-called fat burning zone but truth is that which it does burn predominately fat, it doesn’t burn a whole lot of it and can actually lead to muscle loss and a lowered metabolic rate. Easy cardio is, well, too easy and easy doesn’t get results. Pick up the pace and get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to see some results.

You aren’t lifting weights

Lifting weights is an often overlooked aspect of losing weight and burning fat. Lifting weights will increase your insulin sensitivity, increase your metabolic rate, and preserve your muscle mass which all lead to faster, easier fat loss. Cardio is important but so too is lifting weights. If you aren’t lifting weights you are seriously undermining your fat loss efforts.

You haven’t set any goals

How much weight do you want to lose, why and by when? If you do not have answers to these questions you are probably not focused on the goal of fat loss and won’t make much progress as a result.

Trying to lose weight without a goal is like trying to sail around the world without a map – you’ll just end up where the wind blows you rather than where you want to be. Decide why you want to lose weight, how much you want to lose and when you want to lose it by so that your efforts become more directed and purposeful.

You are a diet or workout butterfly

How many different diets and workouts have you tried? When some people are asked this question, they reply “all of them!” Skipping from one diet or workout to the next is almost as bad as not doing anything at all.

For any diet or workout to deliver results, you need to stick with it and be consistent for long enough so it can work. You need to commit and have faith that the program you are on will do what it is supposed to. Most good diet and exercise programs will work if work hard and stick with them for long enough but if you keep flitting from one program to the next, you’ll end up going nowhere fast.

You are trying to go it alone

A problem shared is a problem halved so if you want to increase your chances of losing weight, it pays to surround yourself with a support network that will help educate you, motivate you and make sure you reach your ultimate goal. Amateurs such as friends, family, work colleagues or your significant other can all help but a professional personal trainer is probably the most valuable member of your support network as they have the expertise to guide you and keep you on the weight loss straight and narrow.

Now you know how to avoid several of the most common road blocks to weight loss success so stop sabotaging your results by making these mistakes and instead knuckle down, diet smart and work hard and make real progress toward your weight loss goals.

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