Stepz FAQ

FAQ: Our App, Your Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there already steps data on first load?

Your device tracks your steps in the background and stores this data for 7 days. When you open Stepz for the first time, the app already has access to the last 7 days of data and imports it into the app.

How many steps should I walk per day?

Walking about 10,000 steps per day is a good rule of thumb for most people. Reaching this number classifies individuals as “active”. Another recommendation, especially if you are just starting out, is to always try to stay above your 7-day average and improve with time.

What do the colors mean?

The app color indicates your goal progress for the day. Red means 0% to 49% goal progress, orange means 50% to 99% goal progress and green means 100% or more goal progress.

What do the grey bars in the chart mean?

The grey bars in the chart visualize the daily goal. You can tap the chart to see the goal for the bars.

What does the white line in the green bars mean?

The white line indicates the goal for the chart and gets shown when the goal has been reached for that bar.

Why has the step counting suddenly stopped working?

In rare cases iOS is the reason why the step counting freezes up. A simple restart of your iPhone usually fixes the issue.

How does the automatic goal feature work?

The automatic goal feature will adjust your goal everyday based on your 7-day average. It aims to improve your daily steps to 10,000 per day over time. You can see your daily goal on the Dashboard view in the stats row and in the settings. To activate the automatic goal feature you have to switch it on in the app settings first.

How can I reset the app and start over?

You can delete your entire steps history in the Stepz app settings by pressing the “Delete Steps Data” button. However, the app will automatically update your last 7 days with the data provided by your device.

How to activate step tracking on my device?

Go to the “Settings” app, select “Privacy” and then go to “Motion Activity” and make sure that Stepz is activated.

What is the M7/M8/M9/M10 Coprocessor?

The Apple M7/M8/M9/M10 is a motion co-processor, its function is to collect sensor data from integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses and offload the collecting and processing of sensor data from the main CPU. The Apple M7/M8/M9 co-processor collects, processes and stores sensor data even if the device is asleep, and apps can retrieve data when the device is powered up again. This reduces power draw of the device and saves battery life.

How accurate is the step counting?

Based on various tests and reviews by popular sports magazines, the iOS step counter is very accurate. The step tracking is also very accurate when compared to standalone pedometer and step counter devices.

Why doesn’t the icon badge update in real-time?

It is technically not possible to update the icon badge in real-time due to iOS restrictions. The app already updates as often as possible.

Please make sure that you allow Stepz to update the Badge App Icon in Notification Center in the iPhone Settings app. Background refresh must be enabled for updating to work properly, too.

How are burned calories calculated?

Burned calories are calculated based on your steps and weight. You can set your current weight in the settings.
Tip: Walking at a slower pace is easier on your joints and burns calories at a faster rate than walking at a quicker pace.

What is active time?

Active time gets measured when you are moving. Stepz only counts real activity, so this app usually shows lower activity time values than other apps.
Also, the active time value might update with a slight delay in some cases, because the motion data is not immediately provided by iOS.

What is floor counting?

Floors counting is a new feature that is available on the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Stepz only counts the floors you climbed, not the floors you went down.
Tip: Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great way to get some extra exercise.

Does this app use GPS?

No, this app does not use GPS in any way.

What is Stepz Friends?

Stepz Friends let’s you connect with your friends, colleagues and family to count steps together.
After signing up, you can invite and add your friends via the search view which is accessible by tapping the icon on the top right corner. After accepting your friend requests, users are able to see each others steps. The leaderboard is sorted by steps, so the person with the most steps today is always on top. Signing up to Stepz Friends is optional, you can use the app without it, but counting steps is definitely more fun and far more motivating with friends!

Stepz Friends: How can I reset my password?

In case you don’t remember your password anymore, please write us at and let us know which email address you used when signing up. We will send you a new password. Retrieving your current password is not possible because it’s stored in an encrypted format in our database.

Stepz Friends: How can I delete my account?

If you wish to stop using Stepz Friends, you can simply log out in the profile view and no step data will be synced with our online service anymore. If you wish to delete your account, please write us at and tell us the email address you signed up with. We will delete the account for you then.

How does Stepz handle my personal data?

Please read our Privacy Policy to get more information.

How do I set up Stepz with Apple Watch?

After installing Stepz on Apple Watch, the app should work out of the box. In the Stepz settings, you have the option to add Apple Watch as an additional data source. This way, Stepz will have access to the steps collected on your iPhone & Apple Watch. It’s essential that you allow Stepz to access your steps in the Apple Health app. Without the read permission, Stepz will not be able to show you any meaningful data.
It is recommended to set the order of data sources in the steps view in the Apple Health app so that your iPhone is on the first spot. In our tests, this led to the best results.

Adding Apple Watch as an additional data source comes with some inconveniences however. Due to iOS restrictions on the Apple Health app, no data from Apple Watch can be read while your iPhone is locked. This means that your step count displayed on Apple Watch might be lower then in reality. Also, the Apple Health app tends to lag behind a little bit, it might take an hour to make the current step count available. Past days might get updates, too.

Unfortunately, the Stepz Today widget is not able to get new data automatically when the iPhone & Apple Watch are both selected as data sources. We are working on that, however iOS restrictions are quite though on this.
Active time is also a problem, it is being counted on the iPhone only at the moment.
The step count in Stepz and Apple Health might differ a bit, based on extensive tests, we think that our calculations are more precise.

Stepz has a customized hybrid data processing algorithm that intelligently aggregates your step counts when you open the app. To get the most accurate values, it is recommended to open Stepz on the iPhone.

We are working hard to improve the Stepz Apple Watch app. If you have feedback or problems, please be so kind to send it directly to us, we can not answer to reviews on the App Store.

How do I import my old data on a new iPhone?

The best way is to make an encrypted backup of your old iPhone in iTunes on your computer and restore that on your new iPhone. Alternatively, you can also use the CSV export feature on the old iPhone in Stepz and import the CSV file on your new iPhone.

Need help?

Your question hasn’t been answered by this FAQ? No problem, get in touch with us via email.

  • Diana

    First time using stepz. Didn’t seem to work on apple watch without iPhone being present. I could not see steps/mileage wearing only apple watch. After walk, data showed up on both devices. Does it work on watch without iPhone being present?

    • Stepz App

      Hello Diana! Both devices collect steps and the steps are then intelligently aggregated in the Apple Health app. For Stepz to work with the Watch, you have to add the Watch as an additional data source in the Stepz settings, just as recommended in the info alert that you probably got when you first opened Stepz after try out Stepz on the Watch.

      • Darwin

        I think I have the same problem with Diana. When I walk with my Apple Watch alone, I don’t see that my steps were counting. But when I place my iPhone on my pocket, it starts counting. I have both apps in my iPhone and my watch. Please let me know if anything else is missing.

        • Stepz App

          Hello Darwin! Have you selected the Apple Watch as an additional data source in the Stepz settings? If not, please do so, then both devices will be included in the step count.

          One other thing to note is that the Apple Watch doesn’t send the steps to your iPhone in real-time, there is always a delay. Eventually all steps get aggregated in Stepz after a while :)

  • Diane Early

    Is there any way to add steps manually? I forgot to take my phone on my daily walk and I hate seeing that red bar!

    • Stepz App

      There will be a way to add steps manually in one of the next updates, we already have this on our todo list. Thanks for letting us know that this is important to you.

  • Steve D

    Whenever I go through a time zone the steps increase by roughly 3000 steps. It will also increase the steps of last 7 days. Is there something I can do to prevent that from happening.

    • Stepz App

      Unfortunately, there is a bug with time zones in Stepz. We are already working on fixing that.

      • kjswifey

        Any thoughts on when this might be fixed? I travel a lot.

        • Stepz App

          It’s a technically challenging issue, we are working on it, but it might take some time. Sorry.

  • Main Uddin

    Does stepz app counts the distance while i am driving?

    • Stepz App

      Unfortunately, sometimes steps get counted in the car. I have no way to filter them out at the moment, but I’m working on it. In my own tests, I get the best results when I have the iPhone in my pocket, usually this prevents the step counter from counting steps while driving.

  • Jeff D Ellibee

    I love the app, recently I got the apple watch and now I have both the apple watch and iphone as sources, since I have done this, the steps I see in Stepz is much higher than in the health app on the iphone. Is it double counting steps?

  • mcnater

    Just got the iPhone app yesterday and while I like it it’s definitely over counting steps. Is there a way to adjust it besides the step length?

    • Stepz App

      Stepz doesn’t do any counting itself, all data is being counted by iOS and Stepz displays these values. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the step counting in iOS, it just works by itself, sorry.

      Regarding the accuracy, based on several tests from fitness and sports magazines, the iPhone step counting is pretty much as accurate as usual pedometer devices. The reviews say that it is on par with fitness bands and other step tracking gadgets.

      For best results, it is recommended to wear the iPhone in your pocket, but it also works when it is in your purse or backpack. Hope this helps :)

  • Pferdinand Bolberitzberger

    What I would love to see is a Stepz complication in the Apple Watch indicating the steps taken today – as there is currently no way to set this using Apple’s configuration options. Either make this a small complication showing the steps only or use the bigger “middle” complication showing calories, steps and a third number (e.g. activity time).

    • Stepz App

      You are right, a Stepz complication for Apple Watch would be cool. However, we tried building one and it turns out that the technology Apple provided doesn’t turn up satisfying results at this time. The problem is that complications can’t fetch new data often and that’s kind of important for a step counter. The result was a complication with outdated step data all the time, so it didn’t enhance the whole Watch experience at all. We will look into it again when Apple’s software changes, but at the moment, there will be no Stepz complication for Apple Watch, sorry.

      • Pferdinand Bolberitzberger

        Understand what you say, but then… how does Apple do it with their own complication showing CAL and MIN and STD ?
        Are they using a private API ? And by the way… their displayed data is not always up to date as well and needs refreshing. So what’s good enough for Apple should be good enough for you as well, right ? :-)

        • Stepz App

          As you said, I highly doubt that the same restriction apply to Apple’s apps as to third-party app, so they can probably update as often as they won’t. I our tests, it wasn’t a great experience, but we still have a complication on our todo list, maybe we can make it work faster in the future, but it’s just not the top priority at the moment. Sorry.

      • Mac McNeil

        I understand all of the above. However, the app is showing up under COMPLICATIONS under My Watch on the watch app on the phone. You cannot actually choose a complication though.


        • Stepz App

          We were not aware that Stepz is showing up in the complications list. That’s not intentional, it’s probably because of some left-over code when we tried to get this work. It will be removed in the next update.

  • bmccpdx

    My app is not counting steps. The number in the app is also different from the number in my notification center. The app stopped counting at 8508. When I noticed the app number wasn’t advancing, I checked the notification center and it said 531. Later, after I had walked a bit, the notification center number had jumped to 658. Now it says 762, but the app still says 8508. To further complicate things, sometimes when I check the notification center, the number there has jumped to 8508, but if I close the window and then check it again, it has fallen back to the lower number. I have restarted my phone twice, and nothing has changed. Please tell me I’m not going to have to start over!

    For the record, the iPhone health app is counting the steps (it currently says 9223).

    • Stepz App

      We are sorry that you are having problems with the app. Something seems to be wrong with the step counting, a simple restart of your iPhone usually fixes the issue. You could also try doing an Apple Health import in the Stepz settings.
      We are working on improving the step counting and making it more stable in the upcoming updates.

  • LT98

    The app disappeared from my apple watch today. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iphone and it still does not appear as a program that I can turn on or off through the apple watch app. I have also noticed that when I downloaded the app to my iphone again today that the option to select the iphone and apple watch is no longer available.

    • Stepz App

      We converted the Stepz Watch app to watch OS 2 in the latest 1.8 app update. Unfortunately, in this process the original Watch app stopped working.

      To fix this, please update your iPhone to iOS 9 and update your Apple Watch to watchOS 2. After that, Stepz should work fine on the Watch.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but it was a necessary step to improve the Stepz Watch app.

      • DAC

        Hi – I’m having the same problem and the app is still not working after updating both the phone and the watch. I reinstalled the app and was able to get it back into glances, but the step count is not working at all. I’ve turned off the phone and unpaired/repaired the watch. No change. Please advise how to fix this. Thanks.

  • BST

    I really am enjoying this app. I would like to see a friend sharing option where you can track your friends progress and they can track yours. Much like other step counter options out there, this would open a friendly challenge between friends and family. In addition, it would help promote the app.

    • Stepz App

      We are actually building a friends feature right now! If you want to help with beta testing, please send us an email at and we will send you an invitation.

  • CHRI

    I am disappointed in Stepz.. because I really liked it a lot. It does not sync over devices. I’ve searched everywhere and tried everything. I want my count to be the same no matter which iThing I am looking at or have with me. Maybe Apple will come up with something in the future. For now, I must switch to another app that does sync.

    • Stepz App

      We are sorry you feel that way, but in our defense, we did not state in any way that Stepz syncs your data across multiple devices. The app is perfect to track your daily activity throughout your day and if you have your iPhone with you most of time, Stepz is the ideal solution.

  • JSircy

    Is there any way to manually manipulate the number of steps taken in any given day? I had to leave my iPhone at home this morning while I walked because of steady rain and I logged more than 4,500 steps that aren’t calculated into the day’s count….. I really want my tracking to be as accurate as possible as all the data feeds into my iHealth app.

    • Stepz App

      There will be a way to add steps manually in one of the next updates, I already have this on my todo list. Thanks for letting me know that this is important to you.

      • JSircy

        Thanks for the response! Do you know when the next update will be sent out?

        • Jim Hampton

          I have the same question

      • Mark

        Really, really important. I have my iPhone in my pocket at work, so it tracks these steps. But when I walk on my treadmill at home I use a traditional pedometer and then manually enter these steps in the Health app. I’ll definitely buy the pro-version when it also tracks manually entered steps.

      • pippy1958

        Hi there, just wanted to add that this is also very important to me as i hate it when I’ve done a long walk but my phone has run out of power and my steps are not recorded!

  • Phillip D Green II

    I had to restore my iPhone 6 today and even though I backed my phone up first, I have lost all my stats. Is there a way to get them back? I was growing fond of showing off my over 2,000,000 steps.

  • Rio

    Sometimes I am walking without iPhone. I always add my step manually into Health. In Health I have a proper walking stats Stepz is without these steps. It is really a big drawback.

    • Stepz App

      Thank you for your feedback, good point. We will see what we can do in one of the next updates.

    • Jeanne

      Did you try and import your data from Health into Stepz? That is one way to get your steps to the app

  • Jeanne

    I accidentally deleted data from a day. Is there a way to manually put in data?

    • Stepz App

      There is no way to input step data manually, but you could try to do an Apple Health import from the Stepz settings.

      • Jeanne

        It worked. Thanks!

  • Mike

    By mistake, I clicked a friend to add and it’s now pending. Tell me how to delete or stop from sending a request to someone I don’t know.

  • Ramakrishnan Bashyam

    I deleted the app and re-installed the app, but it did not download the steps from the last 7 days. Can you explain what needs to be done? I did try to use the option – import from Apple health, but it is not uploading.

    • Stepz App

      I’m sorry that you are having problems with the app.

      Stepz doesn’t do any counting itself, all data is being counted by iOS and my app displays these values.

      In rare cases iOS is the reason why the step counting freezes up. A simple restart of your iPhone usually fixes the issue.

  • mk

    Great app! But, tell me how to export data. I can not find data export function.

  • Chaz

    I exported the csv file, and I can see from the email it contains all data right up to the point I exported. However, when I try to open it in the Stepz app (from iPhone Mail app by clicking the attachment), it just blinks and doesn’t import – how does the import funciton actually work….how do you get a Stepz CSV attachment in mail imported into the Stepz app?

    • Stepz App

      You have to open the CSV file in the app via the “Open in…” dialogue. Clicking on the attachment which should give you the option to open it in the app. Alternatively, you could upload the file to a service like Dropbox and open it through their app which again should give you the option to open the file in the app.

      • Chaz

        Ok, I picked “Copy to Stepz” app option after clicking & holding (eg Open In..) on the CSV attachment in Mail. The Stepz app opened, blinked once and didn’t import any of the data. I waited for a minute – nothing. Then tried to go to Settings & use the “Import from CSV” option and it just gave me the instructions message to “Open a CSV file in the Stepz app…etc”

        I should reiterate this is a Stepz generated CSV file from my old iPhone containing daily history from 9/23/14 to 3/21/16.


      • Chaz

        I also copied the CSV file to Dropbox & used the Open In… Option with “Copy to Stepz app” – same result. Stepz app opens, blinks once, and none of the data is imported…

  • bruno

    I have a problem from the iphone will not let me login with facebook appreciate if any help thanks

  • Stacie Edgar

    Why won’t it let me register??? It continues to say “there was an error please try again”
    I’ve tried to login with Facebook and registering using email

    • Stepz App

      We were experiencing a temporary problem with the Stepz Friends feature which should be resolved now. Thank you for letting us know!

  • Laura

    One of my friends disappeared? I also disappeared on his STEPZ app. We both have tried to add each other but it will not allow us? Help! He was my favorite motivator! We can add others & delete others but unable to re-add each other. We both have done a re-boot of iPhones with nothing happening!

  • Ian

    Hello, I was wondering if Steps connects to any devices such as Jawbone Up or Fitbit? I’m also interested if you have an iPad app – I believe both Jawbone and Fitbit have failed so far to offer a GUI for iPad users (in landscape view).

  • David Jessop

    I am wondering how accurate the calorie counting is in Stepz. What system is used to count calories? It would be helpful to have this described more thoroughly to give users a better picture of how close to correct the calorie counting is. Very helpful app, thanks.

  • Bob Majdak Jr

    it is kinda difficult to find out what features “stepz pro” unlocks. tapping it in the options tries to instant buy it instead of telling me why i should.

    • pearl harbour

      Removes ads.

    • mjnisbett

      The app also mentions extra features. What are they, please?

  • Dominick

    Just accidentally deleted step information…had over a million, is there anyway to retrieve those steps back?

  • Maia Agiashvili

    Is it possible to monitor the number of steps not only per day but per two destinations, for example, if I take a walk in the park, is it possible to see separately number of steps only for that walk?

  • Арсений Штоль

    Добрый день,я забыл пароль от учетной записи stepz,возможно ли как-нибудь восстановить?

  • Len Ward

    Is it possible to manually add steps for example if you didn’t take your phone out but knew how many steps you usually take on a particular route?

    • Jim Hampton

      I have the same question.

      • James

        As Stepz gets its data from the Apple Health Care Kit, you can do this via the Apple Heath app. Click ‘Health’ then activity then steps then click the + sign top right and enter your details. You might have to re-import the data into Stepz afterwards for it to register however. (In Stepz go to settings and then ‘import from Apple Heath’ near bottom of page.

        • Thomas Barrie

          Does this wipe my current data in the stepz app?

  • Zach Taylor

    Wont let me add friends i thought I had to buy the paid version but I paid for it and it still wont let me add friends help

  • Priscilla Ballou

    How do I customize the dashboard? I’ve clicked on the settings icon and seen the list of options (all of which are currently available on the dashboard), but tapping them does nothing. How do I hide the ones I don’t care about? Thanks.

  • NavyBeagle

    I have Modular as my face set on Apple Watch and it does not allow ‘Stepz’ on any area on the face. Is there any way I could get it on? Thanks in advance.

    • Terry pogue

      Same here. I have stepzpro. Its not available when i customize my modular apple watch face

  • Jennifer Munoz

    My app skips showing months in the history. Is it supposed to do that or is that an error? Example: I can scroll through the history starting in April 2016 and see every month except October 2016 and February 2017. There is no data listed for any dates in these months.

  • Thomas Barrie

    There is an error in the export / import to cnv. upon import it incorrectly handles the dates on the 3rd and 4th of each month – for example it imports the data for 2017/4/1 in both 2017/4/1 AND 2017/1/4. See example below
































































































































  • NealHumphrey

    Not a very accurate app. The step count is sort of OK. The floor count is a joke. My residence is multi-story and this app counts about a fourth of the flights I climb. I always have to double or triple the app count on floors climbed to get close to reality.

    • sinatraf

      The floor count is actually from the iphone and not from stepz. I have found the phone’s floor count usually inaccurate and low though it can tell if I went up a hill. I think it might use the internal gps (the app doesn’t but the phone does).

  • jjk

    Did the latest update now it completed the rest of the day. Did update at 3 pm CST

    • jjk

      How do you uninstall the app update?

  • mamificelle

    I recently changed for a new iPhone 6S. Stepz does no longer start counting my steps from the beginning (cheated) and therefore i get a lot less steps in one day. Furthermore i get the total number of steps of the day only the next morning! Is that normal?? Sorry but it used to work beautifully with my iPhone 5S …and without

  • Steve Ujvarosy

    I shut my iPhone 7 down when airborne. Now Stepz will not count any steps. Rebooted 3 times still not working. What can I do to get it restarted? Tnx

  • Piyush

    I have got a new phone, but i forgot my password, is there a way to retrieve the old account as I have many friends there

  • Sadia Shaukat

    I am not able to see any of my fb friends on app?

  • Oscar Morales

    i walk 2miles everday some days it only says 1.6 miles

  • Robin

    I have reinstalled Stepz app on my iPhone 7 Plus but the app does not open on my Apple Watch now- I can see the app but does not open The Watch is series 2

  • Preeti Khorana

    Why do I see difference in step counting on Stepz and health app
    on iPhone? Thanks

  • Dianne Gress

    I have clicked “turn on all” in the apple health app but for some reason the step count in the stepz app is about 7k steps off. I realize from the info above it may not update right away, but I just downloaded the app today and got it all set up and it’s that far off. I didn’t see a spot to add the apple watch as another source but if it’s reading from apple health, it should be the same, right? I don’t have my phone with me all day so the steps from my watch are the most accurate.

  • paul beard

    I get the steps from the app in Health but I don’t see any data posted to the Activity or Exercise Minutes (listed below the recommended apps). Do I need another app to post this?

  • Karen Papastrat

    If I take off my Apple watch to shower after a workout the Stepz app looses my steps for the day and restarts with about 1,000 steps. What can I do about this?

  • sinatraf

    What comes after the Nile River?

  • uecheig

    We need GPS and compatibility with complications. I want to be able to see my daily steps just by looking at the watch face.

  • Anthony C. Ng

    I have installed stepz in my new phone, how can I import my old records (in csv form) into the apps (the latest version)?