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Stepz 1.7 Summer Update

July 31, 2015

The big Stepz 1.7 Summer Update is here! We have some cool new features for you and we hope you will like them.

Badges & Achievements

You can now earn badges for walking with Stepz. The achievements are divided into four categories: steps per day, steps total, distance total and special achievements. We hope that this will motivate you to walk even more and break your records.

You may already have unlocked a few of the achievements depending on how active you are. More achievements will be added in the future.


Get notified when you reach your daily step goal. Notifications can be activated in the Stepz settings. They are deactivated at first for existing users, because we don’t want to send you messages without your explicit permission.

Improved Charts

The green goal line has been replaced with a new goal indicator. This is necessary because a lot of people use the automatic goal feature which sets a new step goal every day. The new grey bars in the background represent the goal for the day. If you have reached your goal, a white line will indicate the goal in the green bar.

Stepz PRO

The “Remove Ads” in-app purchase is now Stepz PRO. Everybody who already purchased will be automatically converted to Stepz PRO. Some upcoming features will be accessible for Stepz PRO users only.

Improved Widget

You can now choose which values you want Stepz to display in the Today Widget in the iOS Notification Center. This is a Stepz PRO feature.

New Languages

We added three new languages: Italian, Japanese and Korean.

Bug Fixes

The Apple Watch app has some small improvements. A complete rewrite of the Watch app is in the works for iOS 9.

We also fixed some bugs. Thank you very much for reporting bugs, this really helps a lot!

Let us know what you think

In the next update we will make the app ready for iOS 9 and launch it alongside the new iPhone. Hopefully, there will be some time left to add a few small features as well.

Since we put a lot of hard work into this update, we want to know what you think. Send us an email at and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

As always, please also consider writing a review at the App Store since the reviews get reset every time we make a new update. Thanks! :)

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