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How To Lose Weight With Pokémon Go and Stepz

August 22, 2016

If you love to walk and use Stepz to keep track of how far you have traveled, you are already ahead of the weight loss game. Stepz not only tracks the number of steps you have taken but also calculates the number of calories you have burnt and you can compare your statistics with those of your friends.

However, you can take your fitness walking program to a whole new level if you combine Stepz with Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go doesn’t count your steps like Stepz does but it does something better; it turns walking into a game!

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game for your smart phone or tablet. You use the game to view your surroundings and reveal hidden creatures called Pokémon. The aim of the game is to find and collect as many Pokémon as you can which are normally spread around at roughly 200-yard intervals so ten to a mile.

Many users of Pokémon Go have reported weight loss as a result of playing this new video game – something usually unheard of when talking about electronic entertainment. However, if you are a serious walker and want to burn even more calories for faster weight loss, we have some tips and tricks for you to try…

1. Run between Pokémon

You can turn Pokémon Go into a more demanding workout by running from one creature to the next. You have to stop to capture each and every creature so your runs will be broken up with brief rests. This is essentially interval training.

When it comes to burning calories and losing weight, interval training is hard to beat. After running from one Pokémon to the next ten or so times, you will have clocked up an impressive number of steps and burnt plenty of calories which you can confirm by checking with your Stepz app.

2. Drop down and give me 20!

Whether you choose to walk or run between Pokémon, you can burn more calories by celebrating each capture by doing a quick set of push-ups, squats, or lunges. Why not do a different exercise at each Pokémon find to work various parts of your body?

You don’t have to do 20-reps either; just do however many it takes to challenge yourself. Try to do a few more reps as the days and weeks progress to keep pushing your muscles to get stronger and fitter as well as burn more calories.

3. Weight for it

The heavier you are, the more calories you burn when you run and walk. You don’t have to gain fat to make use of this phenomenon – that’d be silly. Instead, put on a rucksack loaded with around 5-10 percent of your bodyweight or wear a weighted vest designed specifically for exercise. Carrying some extra weight will not necessarily show on your Stepz app calorie counter but you can be sure you are burning more calories than normal as you hunt down those Pokémon.

4. Take the high road and then the low road

Walking up hill burns a lot more calories than walking on the flat so seek out Pokémon via the high road. Stepz app tracks height gained and the more height you can accumulate the better for calorie burning purposes.

5. Power up

Powerwalking involves walking faster than normal and with an exaggerated arm action which burns more calories as well as providing a more demanding cardiovascular workout. While you could stroll from one Pokémon to the next, this is NOT the best way to lose weight fast.

To powerwalk, pick up the pace, swing your arms, and walk with real purpose and determination; add a pair of walking poles to further increase calorie burning. Powerwalking while wearing a weighted backpack is a great way to multiply the calorie-burning benefits of Pokémon hunting!


Hunting Pokémon is as distracting as it is fun so make sure you keep one eye on your surroundings when you play Pokémon Go. Walking itself is very safe but you need to watch out for hazards and other road users if you want to avoid accidents and injury.

Stepz and Pokémon Go provide a great way to maximize your walking workouts for faster weight loss. Turning exercise into a game makes the entire process much more enjoyable and you are much more likely to be consistent if you are having fun. Organize Pokémon Go hunting parties with your friends or simply challenge them to catch a certain number of creatures per day. Whichever way you do it, using Pokémon Go and Stepz will help you reach your weight loss goal quickly and easily.

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