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How Not To Gain Weight On An All-inclusive Holiday

September 19, 2016

All-inclusive holidays are good value for money and take a lot of the stress out of going on vacation. You know all your meals, drinks, and entertainment are covered and you are free to just chill by the pool, relax, and enjoy some great food and drink.

However, a lot of people gain a lot of weight on all-inclusive holidays; having food and drink on-tap 24/7 means it’s all too easy to eat way too much.

Here are some survival tips for avoiding weight gain during an all-inclusive holiday.

Fill up with fruit at breakfast

With pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, cereals, and a host of other breakfast goodies available, it’s very easy to overeat at breakfast time. With so much to choose from, it’s very likely you will want to try a bit of everything!

Avoid this problem by heading straight for the fruit counter and limiting yourself to whatever fresh fruit is available. You can have as much fruit as you want but because fruit is filling and generally low in calories, you probably won’t overeat.

Give yourself a meal time limit

Instead of simply turning up at the buffet and eating for as long as you can – to the point at which you are more than full – give yourself a time limit at mealtimes.

Eat whatever you want during that timeframe but, once your allotted time is up, put down your plate and leave. One hour should be more than enough time to enjoy a filling meal but feel free to reduce this time frame if it seems too long.

Salad first

Your brain and stomach might only be a couple of feet apart but they are hopeless at communicating to each other! Once full, it can take your stomach as long as 30-minutes to tell your brain it’s time to stop eating. This means it is very easy to overeat.

Speed up the communication process by eating a big green salad at the start of your main meals. That way, your stomach will already be well on the way to being full and your brain will hear the news much sooner. This prevents the likelihood of overeating.

Limit your taste selection

If you eat “a little bit of everything” you will be able to eat more than if you stick to foods and dishes that taste the same. That’s why many of us can eat so much at a buffet but much less if we have a big serving of the same food.

Make the most of this phenomenon by limiting your taste selection. Simply choose a similar-tasting starter and main meal so your taste buds “get bored” of the same flavors and textures and you feel fuller, faster. For example, have a chicken starter and a chicken main course.

Keep track by gathering evidence

If you lose track of how much you have eaten or drunk, it is very easy to consume more than you meant to. In contrast, if there is visible evidence, you will be reminded of how much you have consumed and are more likely to realize before you have eaten too much.

For example, try keeping your empty beer bottles in sight to track your alcohol consumption or, at the buffet, use a fresh plate for each visit and keep your used plates on your table.

Any evidence you can accumulate will help remind you of how much you have eaten and drunk which may prevent overconsumption.

Skip a meal

It can be tempting on all-inclusive holidays to make the most of every meal you have paid, for even if you aren’t hungry. If you find yourself eating simply for the sake of it, consider skipping a meal. Lunch is a good choice – especially if you had a big breakfast and would like to enjoy an indulgent dinner. Skipping just one meal per day can save you a lot of calories. Enjoy a siesta instead!

Stay active

While you might want to take a break from exercise during your holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to be completely sedentary. Look for ways to stay active between meals such as playing sports, swimming, walking or cycling. Try to clock up around an hour of activity per day to offset the extra calories you are consuming. Use Stepz to track your walking and remember to try and accumulate 10,000 steps per day.

Just because a lot of people gain weight on an all-inclusive holiday doesn’t mean you have to as well! Use these tips to minimize weight gain so you don’t have to go on a diet or exercise excessively once your vacation is over. Enjoy your holiday, relax, but exercise some self-control too!

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