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  • Vicko

    I love this app…best I’ve used for walking. I really like the floors climbed feature. Does the app allow a loading for calories burned while climbing?

  • PierJohnson

    I need to import CSV file with today’s steps to correct the count on my device (activated late in day and thus missed some 9800 steps taken earlier in day). The last 7 days automatically are taken from the new device so today doesn’t transfer. Is there another way to adjust today’s count to add the additional steps (counted on another phone)?


    • Marilyn McCulloch

      This is my question too. Can we add steps missed when we were wearing our phones?

  • Fran

    I have sent 2 emails to stepz about dashboard errors where the hourly view just cycles round hours 0-12, and does not enter data for 12-24 hours. No replies and I see there are no answers to Blog questions for some time. Is there any support on this app anymore??

  • Toni Laird

    I got this based on reviews and the first time in the Gym on a treadmill it appeared to be accurate. However the next day while walking it would keep jumping 20,30,40 steps extra! I then left my mobile on a chair only to find another 1000+ steps added. Really!!

    I do not rcommend this and will be back to simply an hour in the gym without these kinds of apps.

  • Sardor Djuratovich

    how to transfer all the data from one phone to another?????

  • Carl Wescott

    I got a new phone and data was transferred. However any steps since transfer only appears on phone dashboard but not on app. So i have two separate totals for the same day

    • AndrzejM

      The same with my phone.
      Fortunately the problem exists only on the day of a new phone transfer. Next day after the transfer all came back to be OK (but on the day of the transfer data mismatch remained and there is a difference between two places you pointed).

  • Tamara Button

    How can I add an activity like aquafit in the pool to my stepz app?

  • Peter

    How to change language in this app?

  • Marilyn McCulloch

    Is there anyone asnswering these questions?

  • scarymemo

    Does anyone know if Stepz can be reset to make Monday as the start of the week instead of Sunday?

  • Shlomo Levi

    i switch to android. what i can do? make apps for android too

  • Bruce Laubon

    My wife and I both have Stepz Pro, (on iPhone 8’s) mine has all the settings it’s suppose to have, while hers is missing the Data Sources. Anyone know why? We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it numerous times, I’ve also Reset the network settings .

    • Steve Adolfi

      Same exact issue. How do we fix it?

  • Eli

    Can you help me as I cannot see any one of my friends steps and they can’t see mine either. Have deleted and downloaded the stepz several times and also reset my phone. I was able to see my friends in the past though

  • Dave VanArsdale

    I got the recent update today and I need to adjust the stride length. Where do I do that?