8 Outdoor Activities That Can Easily Replace the Gym

July 17, 2015

There are many different reasons why working out in a gym can be dull and boring for some people. For example, running on a treadmill couldn’t be more monotone, right? Staring into a blank wall isn’t really helpful when it comes to making time go faster. Besides, some people aren’t really thrilled with working out with bunch of other people in a crowded space.

All these small reasons may become excuses for not working out at all, and once you get out of your working out routine, it can be quite difficult to get back to your healthy habits. So, you shouldn’t allow something like this to stop you from being healthy and having a bodyline you’re proud of. There are many alternatives to boring gym activities – find out more about them and pick out the one you find most entertaining!

Trail/Beach Running

It all depends on where you live, but running outdoors instead of using a treadmill is a lot more fun. For starters, treadmills are completely flat, and you can only change its speed, incline and that’s pretty much it. Outdoors running is practically an adventure because everything affects your workout which makes it more efficient really, and you can change your routes on daily basis, so you can never get bored. But, no matter if you decide to run on a beach or a park, remember to wear clothes appropriate to the weather, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

Rock Climbing

This one can be really challenging, and you definitely shouldn’t start with demanding terrains without previous training or an experienced supervisor. However, once you start rock climbing, you’ll find out that it’s not just about physical strength, and that it also requires constant thinking, because you need to make smart decisions in order to get to the top.

Roller Skating

Roller Skating is a lot of fun, and it’s also a very efficient workout, because you need to use your whole body to maintain your balance constantly. All you need for roller skating are a nice pair of blades, sunny weather, and – if you prefer skating in company – a skating buddy!


The secret of parkour lies in improvisation, which makes this discipline very interesting. This is a really demanding activity that involves a lot of carefully thought out moves, unless you want to get hurt. It’s quite popular, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a group of beginners and join them.

Power Walking

If you’re not exactly for something as adventurous as parkour, you should set your mind onto power walking. When done properly, it’s a really efficient workout, and you can temper the pace according to your current physical possibilities. For this activity, I’d sincerely recommend all beginners to do some research for starters, and get Stepz as a step counter for your iPhone, so you can have a clear insight into how many calories you have burnt. Also, make an upbeat playlist – it will keep you up and running, or walking in this case.

Outdoor Yoga

Again, a quite effective workout, but this one helps a lot with stress relief, as well. Practicing yoga is probably one of the nicest things you can do for your body, and it’s even better when you do it outdoors! You can find a quiet spot in the nearest park, play a suitable tutorial so you can get proper guidance throughout your workout and enjoy. There’s another way to do it – you can join an outdoors yoga class and make significant progress faster with them.

Bicycle Riding

This is a tempting alternative, especially if you have knee or joint problems. Similar to outdoors running, you can change your route every day and enjoy sightseeing while you’re working out! However, if you want your workout to be efficient (because you can easily get carried away), you should set a distance you want to overcome according to the amount of calories you want to burn.

It’s a great idea to replace driving a car or taking a bus when traveling to work, for example, with riding a bike. It will be a bit difficult to get used to this new routine because you’ll need to change your daily schedule a bit, but once you get used to it, I’m sure you won’t want to go back to vehicles ever again.


This activity can easily replace your working out routine, but it requires some additional investing, and of course – snow (or at least its simulation). After you gather all pieces of equipment necessary, find an experienced and patient instructor, and discipline yourself to master this snowboarding or skiing, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. No matter if you decide to learn skiing or snowboarding – or both – you’ll be able to notice this activity requires from you to use your whole body. It’s also quite challenging because you’ll need not only to maintain balance, but also to pay close attention to a terrain you’re on, because even the smallest bump can disturb your ride.

I’m sure you now see that the gym isn’t the only way to maintain your health and stay gorgeously fit – there are lots and lots of other outdoors activities you can start practicing. Besides, they can give you a lot more than just a perfect body line – each of these tips will make you work on your physical and mind skills and improve them constantly!

However, every beginning is though, and it’s not too bad if you try a couple of different outdoor activities until you find the one that fits you the most, but you should discipline yourself not to give up too fast on them, because each and every one of them has a lot to offer. So, it’s time to stop making up various excuses, and make a list of activities you want to try out! I’m sure you will have a lot of fun, even with the ones that aren’t really your cup of tea – but you can never know until you try.

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