5 Ways Pokémon Go Can Increase your Daily Step Count

July 30, 2016

Video games are often thought of as one of the causes of sedentarism. Many kids and adults alike have been guilty of whiling away too many hours sat in front of a computer screen rather than exercising.

Pokémon Go, the newest video game craze, it different. You have to get up and get out of your house to play it!

This is a major step forward (pun intended) in getting people out and walking and many players have reported weight loss simply because they are sitting less and walking more.

In case you haven’t tried this game, Pokémon Go is an “augmented reality” game where you use your cell phone or tablet to view your immediate surroundings. The game then shows you where mythical creatures called Pokémon are hiding. Once you find them, then have to capture, nurture and train them.

So how can you use Pokémon Go to help you accumulate more steps per day? Good question!

1. Set yourself a Pokémon goal

When it comes to walking for fitness, you’ll often read that your daily step target should be around 10,000 steps per day. The easiest way to make sure you are hitting this target is to use Stepz which not only counts how many steps you have done but also counts calories.

To shake things up a bit, instead to setting a daily step goal, why not set a Pokémon Go goal? The more Pokémon you chase down, the further you will end up walking.

The game designers estimate you should encounter around ten Pokémon per mile of walking so set a goal that corresponds with how far you want to walk per day e.g. 50 for five miles.

2. Use Pokémon Go on short journeys

If you use Pokémon Go on short journeys e.g. to the store or to visit friends or neighbors, invariably you’ll see there are Pokémon loitering just off your chosen route. Go and hunt those suckers down to clock up more walking steps per day. Deviating off your normal route will add a little distance to your walks without you even noticing it. Try not to be late getting to your destination though!

3. Compete with your friends

Share your Pokémon score with your friends and try to beat them to clock up even more walking steps per day. Remember, there are usually about ten Pokémon to be found per mile of walking so tracking down and finding just a few more can add to your daily step count. Even five extra Pokémon can equal around an extra 1000 yards of walking or around 900-1100 steps.

4. Pick up the pace

You’ll be able to accumulate more steps and capture more Pokémon if you pick up the pace and walk faster. As an added benefit, you’ll also burn more calories too.

If you play Pokémon Go for 30 minutes and walk just 10-percent faster than normal, you could accumulate an extra 300-600 steps during that time. Over a few days or weeks, those extra steps can really add up.

5. Combine Pokémon Go with Stepz

As fun as Pokémon Go is, it doesn’t count your steps for you. For that, you’ll need a pedometer or step counting app like Stepz. Why not use a step counter along with Pokémon Go to make sure you are reaching your 10,0000 steps-per-day target? You should have no problem running both apps on your smart device. That way, you’ll not only have fun playing Pokémon Go but will also know you are getting enough exercise to benefit your health. Pokémon Go and Stepz is the perfect fitness walking partnership!


Pokémon Go is seriously fun, addictive and a great way to make walking more enjoyable. But, it can be distracting too. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the traffic around you – those Pokémon could accidently lead you into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Exercise your common sense along with your heart and lungs!

If you want a way to make walking more, look no further than Pokémon Go. Combined with Stepz, it provides a great way to exercise and have fun.

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