4 Common Habits That Are Bad For Your Health

July 9, 2015

We all have bad habits, we try to hide some of them, some of them make us more self-conscious, and there are those we are fully aware of , however, they are ubiquitous in our social circles thus we choose to ignore them or even worse, embrace them. It’s not that those habits bother anyone around, but it is unwise to remain unconcerned, since after all we are bound to experience the aftermath at some point.

We commonly develop these habits due to our busy schedules, and slowly but surely these habits start to harm our health. These habits are also related to stress and obligations, and as long as we indulge their existence, the things will only continue to get worse. So, without further adieu, here are four habits you need to eliminate as soon as possible.

Bad Habit #1: Stress Eating

One of the problems a lot of us encounter is stress eating, or late night snacks. Believe it or not, this is actually a disorder, and it is unnatural. The bigger problem is that once our munchies appear, we don’t raid our fridge for veggies, we eat chocolate, or ice cream, we opt for high calorie meals, and that puts a lot of strain on our stomach. This is referred to as the “Night Eating Disorder” and the best solution is to ask for professional help, to determine its psychological source.

Another way to cope with this issue is to eat light food with a higher concentration of melatonin. This way, we sate our hunger, plus we ensure a good night’s sleep. You can eat a banana along with one hard boiled egg, or a medium size apple. Another good option would be low fat milk along with some cereals. If we stick to the old regime, then we start to gain weight, continue to stress out about our daily life, since we do not get enough healthy sleep time. You can also work out in the evening to exhaust your energy supplies and fall asleep faster, plus, you’ll burn some extra calories.       

Bad Habit #2: Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast needs to give us enough carbs, proteins and fat to start our day energized. However, skipping breakfast is so much more than simply starting the day without the necessary supplements. Studies show that people who skip breakfast have a 27% greater chances from dying due to cardiovascular disease, as opposed to those who eat their breakfast regularly.

Because we deprive our body of these necessary substances, it goes through a lot of stress, and this type of stress directly affects our heart. Fun fact though – skipping a meal for 12 hours once a week, can be helpful in terms of burning extra fat, build muscle weight and increase our energy levels. Doing this on a regular basis will strain your body too far, so do not think you can take advantage of this practice. It is also worth mentioning that this technique won’t work if you end starvation with large intake of carbs and calories.

An optimal breakfast should contain 50% carbs, 20% proteins and 30 % fat, so eggs toast along with an avocado fruit should do the trick. If you are fasting for the previously mentioned effects, make sure to sate your hunger with low-calorie meal.   

Bad Habit #3: Sitting too much

As a result of nine to five jobs, we end up sitting for too long during our day. This slows down our metabolism, we produce less energy, and grow more obese with each passing day. We are not designed to sit for so long, we are supposed to be more active, and unless you want to become like the humans in Pixar’s cartoon WALL-E, then you need to become more active as soon as possible.

You can always start your day by walking to work, or riding a bike, this should give you enough morning activity. If you are close to work, then get up early and start the day with some yoga exercise, and get the shower later. This way, you restore blood flow, and give your muscles the well deserved stretch.

Additionally, while you are at work, set alarms to remind you each hour to stand up and stretch a little, you will feel a lot better. Also, remember to hydrate, when we sit all day we neglect the basic needs of our body, water being one of them. Furthermore, with frequent hydration, you will be forced to stand up more and visit the bathroom, so there is another way to stretch your legs a bit more.    

Bad Habit #4: Drinking large portions of coffee or energy drinks

It is impossible to start our day without coffee, and truth be told, there is no harm to it. Regular intakes of caffeine in regular portions has some health benefits, like lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and a stroke. You can reap the same perks even if you opt for decaf, since it contains the same antioxidants. It is also a great drink to boost your energy before a workout, since you will metabolize carbs faster. Under a moderate amount, it is implied you take one or two cups a day, drinking more and going overboard will reflect negatively on your health.

First of all, you develop a sort of addiction, in other words, it will be impossible for you to successfully be awake without it, and it has a negative impact on your mood, but you probably already noticed that. Moreover, you will start to experience a higher heart rate, problems with anxiety, you’ll have trouble falling asleep and even depression in some cases. It can also hinder your calcium absorption and you have a higher risk of fibrocystic breast disease.

All things considered, all you need to do is simply alter your habits in a healthy way, because when all of them are combined, or after certain prolonged exposure to their aftermaths, you are likely to experience heart problems.

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