A Life-Changing Fitness App

Stepz helps you walk 10,000 steps per day and live a healthy life.

Automatic Step Counting

Stepz is automatically counting your steps in the background via the built-in Apple Motion Coprocessor with very little battery drain. It just works!

Detailed Statistics

Learn how much you move and get comprehensive statistics including hourly step values, distance travelled, calories burned & floors climbed.

Respects Your Privacy

All your personal fitness data is stored internally on your device and never shared via a network connection without your explicit consent.

Apple Health Compatible

To provide you with a complete overview of your fitness progress, Stepz can import all your past steps from the Apple Health app.

iOS 8 Widget

Stepz provides a handy iOS 8 Today Widget for Notification Center that gives you quick access to your current step values.

Apple Watch App

If you own an Apple Watch, you can conveniently check your daily stats on your wrist with the Stepz Apple Watch App.

Do you move enough throughout the day? Learn more about your daily activity and get fit by reaching your steps goal!

Stepz Apple Watch App

Convenient step counting on your wrist.

Always With You

With the new Apple Watch, Stepz is always by your side. Never miss a step again and get a complete overview of your movement data.

Your Day At A Glance

Conveniently check your daily stats with a glance on your wrist. See how much you have moved today and what your current goal progress is.

Quick Overview

The Stepz App for Apple Watch shows you the most important data only, so you can fully focus on whatever you are doing right now.

Hourly Step Values

With a swipe to the left, you get a detailed overview of your day with hourly step values and details for the current hour.


Steps tracking for walking, running and hiking has never been easier.


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Download Stepz & Get Fit

Stepz is available for the iPhone & Apple Watch.